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Research & Development Centre

Our Research and development centre in Taiwan has a team of professional staff, providing clients with design and integration service. Our full range of service integrates internal mechanical design to external product design, application/functional software design, sample production, patent registration…etc. Our integration design process will ensure your products will have a reduced production time and be out on the market as soon as possible.

Product Development

     We strive for an excellence in both outlook design and practicality of a product. From the external appearance to the selection of functions, we undergo substantial testing and trial analysis. We make continual improvements on a product’s practicality and suitability, combined with the latest market trend, making your product an eye catching item, and you will be touched by the customized design.

   Our engineer place great emphasis on all aspect of a product, including functionality, safety, durability and cost control of a product. Repeated laboratory and product ageing testing during the early stages of product development ensures a product‘s long termstability.

Electrical Development

Conducting software and PCB design on products and integrated design based on different national electrical regulations

Product sampling

Samples that closely represents final products

Creating a model sample that closely represents the final product, providing customer a firsthand experience with a sample that resembles final product, ensuring “zero” variance between design and final product.



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